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Telephone Systems & VOIP

WestLAN has alliances with several major telecommunications industry leaders (Cisco. LG Nortel, Panasonic, Samsung etc.), and we have the ability to design and recommend the best system to fit your current and future needs. Each prospective customer is interviewed to determine the specific communication features necessary to make call processing easier and more efficient. Every prospective customer site is surveyed by a member of our technical staff and the design recommendations are customised to meet each customers unique needs.

Project Implementation / System Installation

To ensure a smooth transition to a new system, WestLAN will assign a Project Manager to oversee the installation of the system. The Project Manager will be responsible for equipment orders, site surveys and interviews, scheduling and managing training programs, scheduling installation dates and managing technical staff working on the project.

User Training

WestLAN will provide on-site training for all customers. Sessions are designed to accommodate the needs of each user. For example, all attendants/operators receive special training to emphasize efficient, fast call processing. End-user training will include feature instruction with emphasis on maximizing user efficiency with regard to specific job functions. All users will be provided with manufacturer user guides for future reference. In addition, customized training material materials will be provided which will quickly outline the features and questions that your employees will have. Our experience indicates that the majority of problems with a new system installation are training related. Therefore, we excel in our training programs by customising them to fit each customer’s needs and place an emphasis on this often over-looked area of system installation. This results in greater ease of transition as well as ensuring you and your employees satisfaction in your investment.

Post-Installation Support – Warranty and Maintenance

WestLAN also will support and maintain all manufacturer warranties on equipment. Our technical staff offers years of service in the maintenance and support of PBX and Key Telephone Systems and VoIP. Extended warranty and maintenance programs are also available to insure coverage after the manufacturer warranty has expired.

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