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WestLAN offers the most comprehensive set of wireless technologies available in the industry backed by a team of experts who can guide you to the right decisions concerning the type of wireless systems you install. Once the decision is made WestLAN will provide a turnkey solution and provide a seamless integration with your current network infrastructure. We will provide you with full service support and a single point of contact for all your support and expansion requirements. It couldn’t be easier. Isn’t it time for you to unplug and reap the benefits of today’s powerful wireless solutions?

WestLAN offers the full spectrum of wireless LAN, MAN and WAN products from the top vendors in the industry. WestLAN offers a wide variety of wireless solutions from today’s leading technology companies such as Cisco, Meru, HP and Ubiquiti.


The key to a successful wireless network implementation is to select the proper technology for the specific wireless task and to properly engineer the wireless network before the installation. Wireless solutions are not as simple as putting up an antenna and adding a wireless radio to your PC. And as the airwaves get more and more congested with licensed and license exempt systems, WestLAN can help ensure that your wireless implementation works now and in the future.

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