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Leviton’s Plan for Carbon Neutrality by 2030

Carbon Neutral by 2030

In September, Leviton announced its climate change goal to achieve company-wide carbon neutrality by 2030 (CN2030) and its ambition to achieve net zero carbon by 2050.

The company also announced its CN2030 program which is based on the company’s refreshed commitment to address its environmental impact in six focus areas: carbon, energy, waste, recycling, water, and innovation.

What does carbon neutral mean? Carbon neutral refers to a balance that organizations strike between produced emissions and offsets for those emissions. To achieve carbon neutral status, all the CO2 and greenhouse gasses that are released into the atmosphere by an organization must first be accurately measured, then the emissions are offset through projects that avoid, remove, or absorb carbon. Leviton has set a goal to reach carbon neutrality across all of its business units by 2030.

What is net zero? Net zero is the balance between the continually emitted carbon emissions being equally removed or absorbed from the atmosphere to achieve a net value of zero. Net zero is achieved by both reducing emissions and implementing methods of removing and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

Net zero goes beyond carbon neutral by incorporating and reducing all value chain greenhouse gas emissions into reduction and removal efforts by greater than 90%, with the global goal of limiting warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Leviton has set the goal to reach net zero across all business units by 2050.

Coronavirus Update from Leviton Network Solutions

We all face an incredibly challenging time around the world due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

At Leviton, we continue to monitor the situation closely, considering information from international health agencies, local governments and our own safety and security protocols. We want to assure you that we are committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers and employees as this situation evolves. (more…)

Rittal – The world’s fastest IT rack

With its new VX IT rack system, Rittal is presenting a newly developed modular system for server and network racks. This allows IT infrastructures to be set up with previously unattained speed – ranging from individual network racks to complete data centres. The VX IT offers maximum configuration freedom; configuration is performed easily and quickly using an online tool – fully certified with all components. That is unique. (more…)

Corning launches enhanced cable family to lead response to revised EU CPR fire safety guidance

Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) has launched a new cable product family that further enhances its fire safety leadership and to comply with revised, stricter EU guidelines.

In summer 2019, the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) published revised safety guidance for exposed cables in railway tunnels, urging that all cables should fulfil Construction Products Regulation (CPR) characteristics of low flammability, low fire spread, low toxicity and low smoke density. In January 2020, the B2 classification was reconfirmed as general minimum fire safety requirement for this application. (more…)

Nexans Ultra Low Loss for multimode MTP connectivity

New high speed protocols for multimode resulted in a reduction of optical budgets. With normal off-the-shelve cabling products data centre managers and designers would face limitations when designing new facilities or upgrading existing ones to the next speeds. With the improvements in optical performance LANmark-OF OM4 ENSPACE overcomes these challenges. (more…)