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Leviton leads industry with environment-friendly strategies

With the population of the planet currently over seven billion people and expected to reach nine billion by 2030, the strain on natural resources and need for cleaner energy continues to skyrocket. Leviton takes this seriously, and we are making huge strides at identifying the root-cause of environmental impact, implementing new holistic strategies and turning the industry green. Additionally, we have been championing an innovative circular economic model for buildings and products, which bypasses future needs for mining and natural resource exploitation.

Green cabling practices In recent years, we have embraced several excellent green cabling initiatives. Some of the sustainable cabling practices we currently employ include:

  • Cable diameters optimized to improve density in cable trays. Slimmer diameter cable is important in existing pathways where channels may be added and lack of space can become problematic. They also reduce the need for extra trays and associated mounting materials. Additionally, smaller diameter cables are helpful in data centres where they improve airflow in racks and cabinets for better cooling and less energy consumption.
  • Blown fibre used for exceptional flexibility and longevity, with a high return on investment. BioliteTM Air Blown Fibre (ABF) products for indoor use connect buildings and campus infrastructure in a unique, environmentally-friendly way. This solution involves blowing multiple individual fibres, where a special coating is applied in order to install in a small diameter microduct. This is a particularly sustainable solution since it uses less material than a standard blown cable product, and so takes less energy to manufacture, and the concept of blowing fibre into pre-installed ducts makes it ideal for rapidly changing network environments where moves, adds and changes are common.
  • Preterminated solutions that are built to fit, avoiding the waste associated with standard cabling. Leviton’s preterminated cables are made to order, so that extra materials are not unnecessarily wasted in the process. While it can be tempting for manufacturers to purposefully supply orders with more material than what’s needed in order to appease the customer, we guarantee that all preterminated cabling solutions are built to fit, protecting the environment from

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